Designing for Children with focus on 'Play and Learn'

28th - 30th, January 2021
IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

Designing for Children with focus on 'Play and Learn'

28th - 30th, January 2021
IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India


28 Jan 2021, Sessions 1A: Workshop Session 1

IST:1400-1530 | USEast:0330-0500 | USWest:0030-0200 | UK:0830-1030 | EU:0930-1100 | Japan:1730-1900

I, We, You, Play, Design, Learn
Mapping play, design, and education mutually beneficial relationships to enhance children educational product-system design.
Conducted by Rémi Leclerc, PolyPlay Lab, Hong Kong

Abstract: The workshop is aimed at postgraduate students, research students, and faculty interested in exploring the mutually beneficial relationships connecting Play, Design, and Education, and their combined sociocultural agency as principles supporting children development. Morning activities will invite groups of participants to define and elucidate value of each principle in the light of its relationship with the other two and chart relational maps to share findings with the workshop. Participants will be invited to focus their attention onto design’s critical role in shaping narratives of individual and social becoming in an increasingly technological, yet ‘broken world’. In afternoon activities groups will identify topics and formulate children education product-system design concepts exemplifying how the ‘ménage à trois’ connecting Play, Design, and Education enhances designing for children. Outcomes will be shared among workshop participants.

About Instructor: Rémi leads the PolyPlay Lab, a design, research, and education consultancy based in Hong Kong. Bridging academia, industry, and community, his work is anchored in the exploration of play and conventions of interactivity to develop product service-systems for education, play and everyday. Rémi has lived in Asia, Africa, America, and Europe; and his exposure to and understanding of the representations of these cultures invigorate his designs and nurture his research. Rémi has collaboratively explored the union of design with social accountability with organisations in Hong Kong, Paris, New York, San Jose, Beijing, Shanghai, and Melbourne.

28 Jan 2021, Sessions 1C: Workshop Session 2

IST:1800-1930 | USEast:0730-0900 | USWest:0430-0600 | UK:1230-1400 | EU:1330-1500 | Japan:2130-2300

Pattern re-cognition
Reliving childhood; reclaiming the world
Conducted by Jinan K B, Existential knowledge foundation, India

Abstract: The workshop is to explore how children make sense of the world. Children are biologically equipped to learn the world but schooling damages the natural cognitive system - (content, tools, process & structure). Studentship in design education, especially the foundation program provides an opportunity to reawaken the senses, to become conscious of experience and to recover the natural cognitive system to some extent. The workshop may help the participants to clear misunderstanding about what constitutes knowledge, how one learn and why children needs to be left alone.

About Instructor: Jinan has spent 40 years with 'learning communities' of non-literate artisans and is relentless in his search for the process that enables knowledge creation. He believes that the modern educational paradigm is based on ‘how to teach the word’ and not on ‘how we naturally learn the real world’. Naturally, knowledge creation has no place in the educational paradigm. He has researched and systematically documented children’s spontaneous activities to decode how children simplify the complex world they experience in order to make sense of it.

29 Jan 2021, Sessions 2A: Workshop Session 3

IST:1400-1530 | USEast:0330-0500 | USWest:0030-0200 | UK:0830-1000 | EU:0930-1100 | Japan:1730-1900

Toys and Children

Toys and Tales for Joyful Learning
Conducted by Surabhi Khanna, National Institute of Design Haryana, India

Abstract: The workshop will involve working with 3H – Head, Hands, Heart. Toys, tales and play memories will be a part of this. This is a hands-on workshop. Participants will experience a design process to connect toys, learning and design. We will be making, playing and sharing. Creating, Communicating, Co-relating will be the key focus from this experiential learning process. Simple material required by Participants: A4 writing sheets – 10, Colourful Bold Markers, Scissor, Fevicol, Pencil

About Instructor: Surabhi Khanna is a designer, educator. She has a Masters in industrial design from NID, India after graduation in architecture. She is a Faculty at National Institute of Design Haryana (NIDH), Kurukshetra. Since 2010, she has been working on projects and workshops related to heritage, innovations, culture-based design. Surabhi has developed courses and electives related to playful design concepts for students of design and architecture. She has conducted design and education workshops for teachers, trainers and children at several organizations and schools in India and other countries.

29 Jan 2021, Sessions 2C: Workshop Session 4

IST:1800-1930 | USEast:0730-0900 | USWest:0430-0600 | UK:1230-1400 | EU:1330-1500 | Japan:2130-2300

Telling stories to relax and reboot

Conducted by Dr. Sherline Pimenta, Founder, Master Storyteller & Experience Curator at Kathanika, Pune, India

Abstract: Storytelling is a stress buster for children, but children in school fall under various age groups. Children of various age groups have different attention spans and varied topics of interest. These age groups require specific techniques to hold their interest.

At this workshop we will attempt to figure out how to make the storytelling experience engaging and interactive for children of various age groups viz themes and techniques.

About Instructor: Sherline Pimenta Krishna Kumar is the Founder, Master Storyteller & Experience Curator at Kathanika, Her passion is to explore how people make sense of the world around them. She received her Ph.D. in 2011 from IIT Bombay. Her doctoral thesis entitled ‘Moment and Moments: Discourse in Static Visual Narratives’, explores how stories (written or oral) are communicated through static images (Visual Narratives) using the structuralist perspective. The seamless interaction of technology and humankind has been her fascination. She believes, in a day and age when technology can do almost anything and replicate the real world experience; a fusion of design and technology in the right manner can enrich everyday life. Her areas of interest include Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds. She likes to make complicated things simple & transform boring things to fun! Specialties: Real World Experience Design, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Storytelling, Visual Narratives and Visual Language.

List of Materials required:
A4 size sheets, Pen, Pencils, Sketch pens, Water colours, Brushes

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